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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

MGH ER analysis 3

-Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), incorporated in 1811
-Third oldest voluntary, not-for-profit hospital in the United States
-Oldest in New England.
-Bed capacity approximately 900
-More than 37,000 patients are admitted every year.
-MGH is the original teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School
-Named in the top three hospitals in the United States by US News and World Report for the past several years.

- Full-service, state-of-the-art ED facility
- Provides care for over 75,000 patients annually.
- About a quarter of ED patients are admitted to the hospital.

- Acute Unit of 11 beds 4 shock-trauma resuscitation rooms
2 burn resuscitation rooms
4 cardiac acute care beds

- Major Multipurpose area
17 bays for acute adult illness.

- 4-bed Pediatric Unit

- 10-bed Minor Surgery Unit for walk-in patients.

- 7 bed Rapid Diagnostic Unit (RDU) for patients with single system acute illness.

- Acute Psychiatry Service (APS)

- Emergency Radiology Suite
3 radiology exam rooms
ultrasound suite
2 dedicated multi-detector helical CT scanners
dedicated ED MRI
All ED radiologic images are handled electronically and can be accessed within the clinical areas by computer.
2 portable bedside ultrasound devices used for trauma and acute resuscitations.

- Access to the hyperbaric chamber in the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

- Full-weather heliport on the roof of the Blake Building allows two helicopters to access the institution simultaneously
- Frequent destination for Boston MedFlight, a multi-hospital consortium program providing air and ground critical care transport in New England and beyond, utilizing three helicopters, a CitationJet fixed-wing aircraft, and a ground critical care vehicle.

- Level I Trauma Center, Level I Pediatric Trauma Center, Level I Burn Center.
- Only hospital in the United States to hold all three designations simultaneously.
- One of the busiest Level I Trauma Centers in Massachusetts,
- Internationally recognized tertiary referral center and local city hospital


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